Introducing a new interface standard

Engineered with the expertise and insights of seasoned welders, its user interface is a masterpiece of simplicity and innovation. We've reimagined every aspect of the welding experience, prioritizing ease of navigation and intuitive operation. 

Screen size7" LED display is large and readable to all eyes.
Brightness1000 nits for use outdoors in direct sunlight.

Get friendly with the new UI

We've gathered video examples from the new UI to showcase the behaviour. Press the videos to play.

Easy navigation

The navigation is primarily controlled with the Click Wheel which is located at the front of the machine. The wheel turns to change settings and is clickable for selecting your choice. This keeps the interface intuitive and fast to navigate.

Choosing welding current

Adjusting welding current is one of the most common operations on a welding machine. That is why it's the most accesible function on CenTIG. Click - turn the wheel and confirm. Dead easy.

Controlling welding flow

Control the flow in welding by adjusting pre-gas, welding current (with slope up and down), and post-gas. An approach used to optimize the welding process for better quality and control.

Pulse Control

The pulse feature plays a crucial role in controlling the heat input, improving weld quality, and enhancing the welding process for various materials and thicknesses. 

Setting AC/DC 

AC/DC is vital if you are welding aluminium or titanium. Luckily, it's as easy as buttoning your shirt to switch it on in CenTIG's user interface.

Resetting parameters

What did I do now? No worries - it's easy to reset any parameters to default. This way, you always have an out, in case you poked around in something you shouldn't have.

New features through software updates

CenTIG is an inverterbased machine, and as such new features and performance increases can come from software updates. CenTIG takes a regular USB-drive with the update file and updating is fast.