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Frequently Asked Questions

IGC® Intelligent Gas Control technology prevents over-consumption of gas and gives you long term savings. It also makes sure you have perfect gas coverage on every weld.

We always recommend IGC® to save on ressources, as it will always earn its price back over the lifetime of the machine. It’s also better for the environment.

However, if you already have an intelligent gas control solution elsewhere in the system, you would only get little to no benefit of IGC® and then a normal flow control valve is for you.

If you weld in the 180-200A zone for longer periods, you should consider choosing a water cooled machine.

As the welding current increases, so does the heat generated by welding. If you are welding for longer periods of time, the torch handle will warm up and it would be uncomfortable to use.

Long story short, if you need to weld aluminium or magnesium you need AC/DC.

The AC setting creates a cleaning action on the surface of aluminum, removing the oxide layer, while the DC setting is used for most other metals.

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