CenTIG welding functions that helps you win

At the heart of CenTIG lies a suite of advanced features tailored for every application imaginable. Whether tackling a delicate aluminium plate or a rugged industrial project, our machine offers the precise functionality needed to excel. Embrace the confidence to overcome any welding challenge with CenTIG - where power meets precision in every task.

Functions overview

  • AC/DC

    CenTIG features AC/DC welding capabilities, allowing users to effortlessly switch between alternating current (AC) for aluminum and magnesium, and direct current (DC) for steel and stainless steel, ensuring optimal performance and superior weld quality across various materials.

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  • 4T trigger mode

    The 4T trigger mode allows for starting and stopping the weld with two initial presses and releases of the trigger, eliminating the need to hold it down throughout the weld. This feature reduces hand fatigue and offers better control for longer or more complex welds.

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  • High Frequency Ignition

    CenTIG features High Frequency (HF) Ignition, enabling seamless arc starts without electrode contact, ensuring a contamination-free welding process and superior precision in your work.

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  • Control Welding Flow

    Control the flow in welding by adjusting pre-gas, welding current (with slope up and down), and post-gas. An approach used to optimize the welding process for better quality and control.

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  • Job

    You can save favourite and routine settings and easily recall them anytime. Save a large number of welding programs. If welders share welding machines, they can save their own unique settings and quickly recall them again.

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  • Pulse

    Pulse gives a better control of the weld pool, and the low heat input minimises the risk of damaging the steel.

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  • Intelligent Gas Control (IGC®)

    Automatic, synergic gas adjustments that reduces the risk of failures. It improves the weld quality and reduces the gas bill at the same time.

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  • TIG-REP-Tack

    A semi-automatic process that makes a series of small fixation points forming a coherent weld seam in ultrathin materials, from 0,5 mm – 1,5 mm.

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  • TIG-A-Tack

    A semi-automatic process that makes extremely small and precise fixations that are invisible in the finished weld.

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