Help & Support

Explore helpful videos, that guide you through the CenTIG experience.

  • CenTIG - Welding flow

    The video shows how to adjust welding settings like gas and current. The available settings depend on activated functions.


    The video shows how to use the TIG-REP-TACK function on CenTIG, ideal for welding thin materials with low heat input through repetitive fixations. It explains activation, adjusting settings, and status indicators.

  • CenTIG - AC mode

    This video teaches you to use the AC/DC function on your machine, including activating AC mode, adjusting parameters and fine-tuning.

  • CenTIG - UI walk-through

    In this video, you will learn how to navigate the menu system using the turn knob and buttons. The primary functions are in the first menu, secondary functions in the second, and machine settings such as information, language, and time & date in the third.