More powerful and light than you expect

CenTIG is a next-generation range of professional, single-phase TIG welding machines that deliver unmatched performance at 200 amps at 100% duty cycle.

CenTIG embody a powerful fusion of performance, mobility, and versatility, crafted for busy professionals who demand reliability, flexibility, and efficiency in their welding tasks.


From stainless steel to aluminium, CenTIG is your friend.

Heaps of raw power

Leverage 200A 100% duty cycle in DC for limitless welding.

Flexible like a yoga master

Up or down - here or there. CenTIG works well everywhere.

Featherweight champion

Lightest AC/DC TIG welder on the market.

Weld at 200 amps non-stop

CenTIG is built to last, designed to run non-stop at full capacity with a 100% duty cycle, eliminating the need for breaks to cool down or reduce wear.

Weighs the same as your carry-on luggage

CenTIG sets a new standard for portability in TIG welding, offering the lightest AC/DC model on the market at 13.6 kg and a remarkably lightweight DC version at 13 kg. Both are designed for easy transport, ensuring top-notch welding is always accessible.

Comes just as you like it

CenTIG is versatile, suitable for everything from repairs to daily production tasks. Choose from DC or AC/DC models, each available with pulse functionality and either air or water cooling options. Plus, it comes equipped with all essential features. Customize it to fit your needs perfectly.

Great for different applications

CenTIG performs well in all scenarios.

  • Production
    CenTIG boosts production via continuous operation, versatile welding for different materials, and a portable design. This ensures an energy-efficient, adaptable, and streamlined workflow.
  • Repair 
    CenTIG 200 offers enhanced repair efficiency with its continuous, high-performance welding for diverse materials. Its versatility and ease of transport for on-site services guarantee precise, quality repairs.
  • Assembly
    CenTIG 200 boosts assembly line productivity and quality with continuous, efficient welding, versatility for multiple components, and a portable design, streamlining assembly processes.
  • Maintenance
    CenTIG 200 streamlines welding in maintenance with its continuous welding, versatility for different materials, and easy portability for on-site repairs, enhancing efficiency and task reliability.

CenTIG is a feature gold mine

We've packed CenTIG with plenty of features and functions, allowing you to blast through your daily challenges with ease.

  • New intuitive display

    CenTIG features an entirely new interface experience, where every setting is easy to reach and adjust.

  • AC/DC

    CenTIG is great for aluminium and titanium welding with it's AC/DC option. Even if you do not weld aluminium, we recommend AC/DC because it secures you if a future need should arise.

  • Useful multi trolley

    With space for a wear parts box on the trolley.

  • On/off led indicator

    The new machine design features and indicative LED ring, showing green, yellow or red status codes, to inform the welder of current operational status.

  • Disconnect water module in seconds

    It takes under 3 minutes to detach the water module, making it fast and flexible to switch to portable.

New UI experience with familiar software functions

CenTIG is completely redefining the Migatronic TIG welding experience with the introduction of a new digital display and software functions.

A semi-automatic process that makes extremely small and precise fixations that are invisible in the finished weld.

A semi-automatic process that makes a series of small fixation points forming a coherent weld seam in ultrathin materials, from 0,5 mm – 1,5 mm.

Automatic, synergic gas adjustments that reduces the risk of failures. It improves the weld quality and reduces the gas bill at the same time.

Pulse gives a better control of the weld pool, and the low heat input minimises the risk of damaging the steel. Choose auto-mode or manually set your pulse.

You can save favourite and routine settings and easily recall them anytime. Save a large number of welding programs. If welders share welding machines, they can save their own unique settings and quickly recall them again.

Control the flow in welding by adjusting pre-gas, welding current (with slope up and down), and post-gas. An approach used to optimize the welding process for better quality and control.

CenTIG features High Frequency (HF) Ignition, enabling seamless arc starts without electrode contact, ensuring a contamination-free welding process and superior precision in your work.

The 4T trigger mode allows for starting and stopping the weld with two initial presses and releases of the trigger, eliminating the need to hold it down throughout the weld. This feature reduces hand fatigue and offers better control for longer or more complex welds.

The impressive crystal-clear LED display lights up the settings and keeps the essentials at the fingertips. It is designed for easy navigation and clear adjustment of settings using the click wheel.

Experience the new UI

New machine design

Hardware features

Cable strap

A cable strap facilitates easy organising of the torch and hoses during transport.​


New and improved handle. It forms a great grip when lifting the lightweight CenTIG.​

Display cover

The cover protects the interface from dust, dirt, and impact. It is possible to use the control knob while the cover is in the down position.​